DS lite screen switching mod


So I have done the gameboy macro XL screen swap mod with a switch and I thought that the DS lite had missed out on all the action because it doesn’t have the solder points to take advantage of. I couldn’t be more wrong, I stumbled upon a way to get the DS lite in on some screen swapping action. Join me below were I spill the beans on this cool mod.

The mod

This mod is a by-product of another really cool mod that has recently surfaced, Lost Nintendo History found out that the DS lite was capable of displaying the screens on a TV with the help of a firmware mod and some hardware. We are going to take advantage of this mod and just use it to switch what’s displayed on the screens. It just takes a custom firmware patch and a button.

I didn’t find this out myself I just thought I would put it all in one place to make it easier to follow and for future reference. Here is a youtube video from the makho


The first thing we need to do is the firmware patch, I’m following this guild You will need to download all the files from there before we get started. First things first we are going to need something to short out the SL1 points under the battery door.

First things you are going to do is to flash a very specific version of flashme, It can be hard to find so Ive linked to it below.

v8a_flashme_noauto.nds download – https://linfoxdomain.com/nintendo/ds/

Direct download link – https://linfoxdomain.com/nintendo/ds/dl.php/v8a_flashme_noauto.nds

Alternative download link – https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ajrV2UhInQOD5X7Zg_nNU5RvqcJxtgZU/view?usp=sharing

Be sure that your battery is fully charged and that you make a good short on SL1 point but don’t worry if you break the short it will pause and start when you re make the short.

Once that’s flashed you need to dump the firmware using DSBF which i have linked to below. If like me you are doing this on a Gameboy macro it looks like the app doesn’t work but that’s because all the info is on the top screen. just run DSBF dump and wait 30 seconds then turn off your ds. If it has worked you will have 3 new files on the root of your R4 card. BIOSNDS7.ROM BIOSNDS9.ROM and a .BIN file. The BIN file is the only one we really need. Its always a good idea to keep all the files and to make a copy of them somewhere else.

DSBF Dump – https://archive.org/details/dsbf-dumper

Next we need to patch the firmware we just dumped. I found a online dumping tool which is linked below. Load the .BIN file into the ROM file box then take the .ISP patch from the files we downloaded ‘Lost-NDS-TV-main/fwpatch/ndstvout-patch.ips’ and load that into the patch file box then just hit apply patch.

ISP patcher online – https://www.marcrobledo.com/RomPatcher.js/

After its been patched we need to flash it using ‘Lost-NDS-TV-main/fwpatch/fwManager.nds’ copy the patched firmware to the root of the your R4 sd card and rename it to ‘FIRMWARE.BIN’. Load up the app on your R4 card and flash it the same way we flashed ‘flashme’ by shorting out the SL1 points


Now the software is done we need to move on to the hardware. As you can see from the original post below that there are 3 points you can solder buttons to. If you just want the basic screen swap solder one side of the switch to “p10” and the other side to any GND point I found that side nearest to the board on C6 is a good point and the one I used. Its quite fine a solder job but just take your time.

I designed a 3d printed face plate that lets you stick down a button to the PCB just above the screen. I normally stick my speaker to the PCB where the stylus normally goes so with the button stuck to the PCB it makes it easy to fit it all in the shell.

I believer when they first released the DS LIte screen TV out mod you had to flash the firmware then you could only run games off your R4 card under twilightmenu++ and had to run a piece of software before hand. Looks like they have updated the firmware because you can switch the screen on any game including GBA Games. The DS Lite firmware is actually on the WIFI chip that can be detached from the motherboard.


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  2. Would it be possible to use a touch sensor like they are used in this IPS Display Mods for the Gameboy Advance? Is this mod possible with the DSi XL?

  3. por favor, me consegue o arquivo flash me? procurei muito e nao encontrei e no site não faz mais o download

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