Attiny few WS2812 controller


Ive been playing around with ws2812 LED’s for years, Ive been using them more and more lately. I have been using Attiny85 to controller them because they are small and cheap but programing them was a pain. I also wanted a easy way to test out different patterns and with different strips. I decide to remedy that and build some hardware for testing. Ive also thrown in a few other ws2812 projects for good measure. Join me below to see what I came up with.

WS2812 strip testing Hardware

  • Attiny85
  • 4 switch dip switch
  • ISP programmer header
  • WS2812 strip header
  • USB male port
  • Reset button
  • 3D printed case

The male USB header is only for power, I know that you can put a USB bootloader but I needed all the pins for the switches and the WS2812 header. Before I was programing the attiny85 with a clip on programmer which was fine for final projects but when testing out code its a bit tedious. I added the ISP 6 pin headers so I could quickly upload code, It made all the difference.

When I made the ws2812 xmas bauble and the Tiny usb glowstick I used a 3 way switch to switch between 3 different modes, This was ok but I wanted more. I added 4 switch dip switches, which will give me 15 unique position because they are ether on or off like binary, it would mean I would need a cheat sheet to remember them all lol. I wrote the code to check the switch positions in the setup loop then that sets the ws2812 function, When you want to change the colour or mode then you just need to set the switch positions then hit the reset button.

Super thin inline ws2812 strip board


  • Attiny85
  • PCB
  • 5x male headers

Ive seen people mount SMD chips upside down so they hang into a recess in the PCB making them really thin. I wanted to see if I could make a foot print that would work. I made the PCB the same width as a WS2812 strip. It turned out that the board with the Attiny would be the same thickness as a ws2812 on the strip. It has VCC and GND pins on one end and the same pinout as most WS2812 strips on the other. It doesn’t have any switches or buttons so its just a one hit wonder. I could make this longer and add in a reset button and some switches if I need it.

Photo both


  • WS2812 strip 7x LED’s

I have added a strip of WS2812 to my photo booth so I can to photos cast in different colours. Its held on with a few tie raps and I’m controlling it with my test strip board.



Fast LED library used in the code –

Files –

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