3D Printed Fidget Gears


With the current pandemic going on everyone is more anxious then ever before. I went looking for some 3D printable fidget things. I found a few and decided to make my own inspired by them. I found the gear ones weirdly satisfying. Join me below to see how it turned out


  • Filement

Yes that’s right no extra hardware required. I loved the way that THIS ONE didn’t need any extra screw or bolts so I reverse engineered it by importing it into freecad and using it as a reference which is quite a good tip to use going forward. I also found out about the gears freecad work bench to make the gears.

The first design I printed was terrible design because I put the cutout at the top and didn’t think to add a keyring hole ether.

Next I moved the cutout to the side which was better but still didn’t feel right, I made the cutout bigger and that felt so much better. I also added a keyring hole so you could add it to your keys.


Other designs to print

I found a few other things you might want to print that are fidget related


This is where I got my inspiration from, Nice and small.



Small Helical Gear Fidget Toy. This is really cool thing to make and play with, Also a great way to show off 3d printing. Just make sure you sand down the inside of the ring of the gears or they wont spin right and get snagged on the Z seam.



This print in place design feels like magic, It stay to use only 10% infill but I found that to be a bit lacking or it might have just been the infill pattern I used



Thingiverse – https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4601810


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