3d printed portable arcade controller


After making my pi man arcade I didn’t really use it that much, I decided to sell it and promissed myself I would make a stand alone arcade controller. So I ordered the joystick and button but just sat on them for a few months. Join me below to see me get off my arse and finish this project


  • Arduino pro mirco
  • 6x light up 16mm industrial buttons
  • Mini industrial joystick (4 way switch)
  • Waterproof box
  • 2x m3 screws

Case design

The idea behind this build was to have the top plate one way up for playing then when you wanted to put it away turn it over so that you could close the lid. The first port of call was to start measuring the inside of the box, The idea was to have the plate lay on a ridge that was molded into the box. The hardest part was to to get the corners right because they were rounded, To save time and PLA I just printed out one end of the box to gauge it for size

I spent a long time measuring and modeling because the print would be 4 hours 40 minutes so I wanted to get it right first time. My biggest issues was making sure that everything would fit when the plate was flipped into storage mode under the lid, This is why I put the buttons on a raised area. I also labeled the buttons and double checked clearness before hitting the print button.

The plate didn’t really want to rest securely on the lip inside the case so I made some pillars that I would glue to the base of the case to give support while playing. Because it was a big o mess of wires on the back of the plate I added some little handles to hold while flipping the plate over so you wouldn’t be touching the wires.

Wiring it up

So I recycled the Arduino pro micro off of one of my old controllers, In doing so I messed the pin 16 up so I had to use one of the analog pins instead. The wiring was quite simple really. I ran a ground wire round all the buttons, burning off the silicon where needed. Next I wired up the 5v and GND for the 6 button because they light up, Again I just ran a 5v loop around them and then tapped off the GND wire using some sold core wire to make it look neat.

Arduino sketch

So the arduino sketch is the one I found HERE but I changed pin 16 to one of the analogue pins to get around my broken one.


Thingiverse – https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4375065

Github – https://github.com/facelessloser/portable_arcade_controller



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