smart glasses (WS2812 edition)


Putting a attiny85, lipo AAAA battery and a pair of WS2812 x 8 rings into a pair of glasses. It started as a stupid idea that lead me to see if it was possible. Join me below to see if I was able to pull it off


  • Attiny85 SMD package
  • Tiny DC DC boost 5v
  • 4 bank dip switch
  • WS2812 8 ring X2
  • AAAA lipo battery
  • Random fake sunglasses off aliexpress


A few years ago I tore down one of those single use E-cig that are a little larger then a real cigarette but kinda look like one. So I found out that have a lipo inside them and they are rechargeable, The battery size is AAAA.

When I came to do this project I ordered one to see if it would fit the bill. My idea was to hollow out one side of the sunglasses arms and put the battery in there. Just by chance a pair of my old sunglasses had arms longer and wider enough to fit the battery in then use a heat shrink tube to cover it up and hold it in place.

I routed the battery wires over to the other sunglasses arm.

I also added a female header so I could hook up a cheap tp4056 lipo battery charger because it was too big to incorporate into the form factor

Main PCB

On the other arm I had the main board which contained the SOP-8 Attiny85. The battery wires went through a switch then to the DC DC boost board, I had to drill a hole in the sun glasses arm to accommodate the coil that stuck off the boost board. The DC DC boost board turn out to be out of spec, It was supposed to be 5v boost but it actually outputted 6+volts. I also had 4 dip switches to set the different modes, You had to power off the glasses then change the dip switches positions. I used some double sided foam and a bit of heat shrink tubing to hold the board in place

I used the bridge and the top of the sun glasses frames to hide the wires going to the pair of ws2812 rings, Using super glue to secure the wires in place.

To upload code to the board I used a chip clip, When I first soldered the attiny85 down to the board I forgot to burn the boot loader so I had a chance to see if this would really work. By using the chip clip it cut down on board space because I didn’t need to have test pads


For the code I just used the same code I used on my accidentally a lightsaber build

I had to add attiny support to the arduino ide, All you need to do it add this line below to the “additional board manager url” box in the arduino IDE preferences panel

Files and code

Github –


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