PS3 keypad and the raspberry pi


So I’ve been on a quest to make a raspberry pi portable that uses a thumb keyboard, I first tried the Xbox 360 chat pad but that didn’t work out. Next I found after a lot of looking that ps3 keypad used Bluetooth. Follow long with me below on how I got on trying to make it work.


  • PS3 keypad

So the PS3 decided to copy the Xbox 360 chat pad but didn’t have anyone expansion ports on their controller so they opted to just use Bluetooth and connect straight to the console its self. This is great for us. What makes this controller even better is that not only does it have all the keys you would need to use on the pi in terminal but you could use it as a track pad…. Wait what, Yes just press the track pad button then slide your finger over the tops of the keys like you would a track pad.

The downsides of this keypad are it’s really unusually shape because it’s designed to clip over a controller. My first thought was easy, I’ll just strip it down and hack off the bits I don’t need. So this is what I did, I found that you could just cut off the button “hook” at the start and select buttons and then file down the clip off the back as you can see below.

All I had to do was put it all back together, This is when I realized that all was not going to go well. Because this was made in 2008 everything is really tightly packed into the keypad. So trying to get everything back in and lined up right was turning into a struggle. What I found was that the keypad had lost its travel and was basically just solid at this point (There wasn’t much travel to start with mind) but the worst part was that did had messed with the track pad mode so it was completely useless in my eyes.

I’m not sure you could cut the bits off without taking it apart. Because when you cut the “hook” off there is a ribbon cable that sticks thought this gap so it would be hard to do without damaging that.


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