Pi serial adaptor


If you spend a lot of time building things with a raspberry pi you will eventually run into the problem that you have booted your pi it’s not plugged into a tv/monitor and it’s not connected to wifi. You don’t want to just turn it off because it could corrupt the sd card so what do you do. I recently ran into this problem but luckily I had a serial adaptor on hand to hook up and tell my pi to turn off.


I had a few serial adaptors, One being everyone’s favourite FTDI board but I also had a CP2102 on hand. It only takes a 4 jumper leads to hook up the serial adaptor to the pi which is easy enough but I wanted to make it even easier. There is a problem with using jumpers, They take up one of the 5v power pins on the pi. With my board I made I broke out all the pin so you’re not limited to one 5v power pin.

  •  CP2102
  • 5 pin female header
  • 5 pin male header
  • 6 pin male header (for CP2102)
  • PCB

The CP2102 board I was using for this was the one with a female micro usb port, You can find them with a male usb port if that’s what you prefer.

New pi’s are trouble

If you are using a raspberry pi 3 or raspberry pi zero w they used the UART pins for bluetooth so this wont work on one of these boards unfortunately, You can read up on how to get it working HERE

Board files

Github – https://github.com/facelessloser/pi_serial_adaptor


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