Attiny85 pogo backpack programmer


So you are using a bare attiny85 in your next project but don’t have room for the programming header, What do you do? I came up with the idea of using pogo pins layed out on A PCB so that they will sit on top of the Attiny85 legs. I used standard male jumps at each end of the chip to help line it up.


  • 6 Popo pins (7.5mm length)
  • 8 Male jumpers
  • PCB

I’ve put the outline of the chip on the silkscreen so you can orientate it with the chip. I also added male headers on each end so it will stop it sliding around on the chip.

The way I hold the programmer in place is using the humble clothes peg. Once its in place all you need to do is hook up your programmer and program it. It’s that simple


Board files

Github –

oshpark –

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