FreqShow with a waveshare 3.5″/3.2″ screen


So you have stumbled across the awesome FreqShow software by adafruit but you don’t have the piTFT. This is the situation I found myself in, After looking at the code and googling the error codes I found this which seamed to sort out my problems and got it working


  • Complatable RTL-SDR dongle
  • 3.5″ waveshare screen (or clone)
  • 3.2″ waveshare screen (or clone)

So ideally you will want to use this with the 3.5″ 480×320 screen but I have tried it out on the 3.2″ 320×240 screen. It works but it’s rather cramped as shown below


To get this to work you need to follow the install instructions HERE but when it gets to the part where it tells you to clone the adafruit github just clone my repo instead like so

cd ~
git clone
cd FreqShow

So I’ve forked the adafruit github to make it work with the waveshare screens HERE.

If you want to get ether screen up and running you will need to download the drivers from HERE, After you download them uncompress them with this command

tar xvfz LCD-show-170703.tar.gz

Then you will need to enter the folder

cd LCD-show

Now if you are going to be using the 3.2″ screen you will need this command

sudo ./LCD32-show

And if you are going to be using the 3.5″ screen you will need this command

sudo ./LCD35-show

This will need an internet connection because it will install all the dependencies. If any of the links become out of date here is the link to wiki page for 3.2″ screen and for the 3.5″ screen


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