Yet another helping hands build


So ever man and his dog have done a coolant hose helping hands built. I thought I would throw my hat into the ring with my design. For the base I decided to use a british 2-gang metal surface mount socket box, This would give me some weight to the base plus it would allow me to add a magnetic tool pan to this build


  • 2-gang british metal socket box
  • 4 Coolant hoses
  • 4 Crocodile clips
  • Magnetic tool pan

All I did was drill 4 13mm holes in the side of the socket and secure the coolant hoses with nuts. The crocodile clips were secured by heating the plastic spout on the end of the coolant hoses and pushing them in, Once in I pulled off the spouts and back filled it with hot glue. I also covered the crocodile clips with heat shrink tubing.

With the socket case being made out of metal this gave me the idea of adding a magnetic tool pan so it can hold your parts while assembling/disassembling your project.



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