Laser arm


So some time last year I ordered one of those servo 2 axes (pan and tilt torret) arm kits from aliexpress. It was fun to play with but I didn’t quite find a reason to use it in a project. Then I seen this project on hackaday and a light bulb went off in my head, Why hadn’t I thought about adding a laser to the arm. This would be great to let your cat or dog play with or drive them mad.


  • Arduino leonardo
  • 2 servos
  • Pan tilt torret kit
  • Laser module
  • 2N2222 Transistor

So this is a really basic built, I just wanted to use parts I had on hand. I connected up the 2 servos to pins 3 and 10. I connected up the laser through a 2N2222 transitor to pin 6 so I could turn it on and off. That’s it really, I’m using a piece of clear acrylic bent back over its self as a case/stand as shown below.


I’m using just a power bank or plugging it into a usb port.


I had done all the hard parts by getting it all up and running (software wise) when I first received it so I could jump right into it.

My first idea was to have it with 2 modes, mode 1 would be able to control the pan and tilt with an analogue thumb stick then have a button to switch to mode 2 where it would have a random movement. I soon scraped the thumb stick because it was too hard to control.

I decided to just have a random mode, This way you would give it to anyone to use. I made the base servo pan from left and right, The top servo I made randomly move to an angle then sweep up to 180 degrees then randomly pick another angle and repeat. This should keep your pet busy and entertained.



github –


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