Fan hat


So have you ever been sick of holding your little pocket-sized fan on a hot day, Or have you had your hands full and not been about to point the fan at the right angle, Then boy have I got something for you.

This idea came to me while I was on holiday and immediately started brainstorming an idea. It took me longer then I thought It would to come up with a way so mount a fan to my hat. I started with one of these 90 degree USB fans that are really cheap. At first I was going to have a 2 part PCB and solder them together at right angles but after A little more thought I came up with the idea I have now.

I had a few must have with this project.

  1. It should be able to be attached to a hat without modifying the hat in any way
  2. It had to use off the shelf parts so its easy for people to reproduce

The reason for not having to modify the hat was because at work I have to wear a bum cap (a baseball hat with padding) and we all know that you can modify safety equipment by law


  • 90 Degree USB fan
  • Power bank
  • Money clip x2
  • 90 Degree usb cable
  • Cable tie x3

After a lot of thought I came up with the idea with using a money clip and putting slots in the PCB so it will clamp it to the rim of your hat. I hadn’t done any cut outs in my PCB before so I wasn’t sure how it was done, If you follow this guild it helped me a lot .

I received the PCB’s and the money clip fitted, It wasn’t the tightest fit. I was going to use an elastic band to hold it tight but that didn’t really work. I found that adding a tie wrap to clamp the money clip to the PCB seem to work. A bonus with using the tie wrap it holds the fan at a 45 degree angle to the face.

Yes it does get in the way a little but if you are just sitting around reading or on your phone you don’t notice it which is nice.


To power the fan I kept it simple by using an off the shelf single 18650 power bank. To attach it to the hat I used another money clip and 2 tie wraps kriss crossed across the power bank as shown in the picture below.

To connect the power bank and the fan I managed to find a right-angled USB extension cable that luckily for me had the right angle facing the right way. The cable if positioned right will be pulled tight between the power bank and the fan so we don’t need any more clips

Rev b

If I was going to do a rev b I would make the PCB shorter so that it wouldn’t get in the way of the face so much.


Hardware walk through –


I’ve miss placed the board files when I formatted my laptop but I managed to download the Gerber files from oshpark.

Gerber files –

Oshpark order link –


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