SMD edge connectors

SMD edge connectors

So you want to joint two boards together, You decide to use through hole female and male 2.54 pitch headers. Normally you would use through hole than ether have a 90 degree headers or just bend them over. For years this is how I did it, I would have to make sure I made sure the holes were just the right distance from the edge of the board.

I had a brain wave, Why didn’t I lie the header down flat on the board and solder it to a SMD pad like in the photo below


I had a second brain wave, The boards I order from Oshpark are 1.6mm and the distance between a double row header pins is 2.54mm. This got me wondering, could I also attach a double row header to the end of a board too. The answer is YES, You just need to solder one side then fill in the difference on the other side with solder. It’s hard to show in photos I’ve attached below.


To test my theory I ordered some cheap test boards from Oshpark, If it didn’t work out I wouldn’t waste a full project board. This is also a great pro-tip in its self.

Board files –

Youtube video – 


10 responses to “SMD edge connectors

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  2. Congratz you invented something others have been doing for ages and wasted OSHP order on it.

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