Reviving an arduino nano (After shorting 5v and GND)


Whats that smell you ask yourself, Thats when you get that awful sinking feeling that you have just released the dreaded white smoke. In my case it was my trusty arduino nano.

It became quite apparent from where on the board the white smoke had escaped after I pulled it off the bread board, See that small brown patch it had burnt on my bread board.


My heart sank, it really bugs me when I destroy something because of my shear stupidity. I had shorted the 5v pin with the GND only for a second but thats all it takes.


Here is the damage it caused, It only outputted 3.46v instead of the 5v it was surposed to.

Being the inquisitive hacker type Iam I started wondering if I could track down this part and replace it. Because the arduino is open source hardware they have the BOM and schematics (warning pdf link) for all to see.

After taking a quick look at the schematics nothing really stode out, But after a bit more looking I found out it was the +5v auto selector diode (MBR0520L)


Once I had narrowed it down I did a quick image search on the MBR0520L part to see if it looked like my blown part, It mached up. Next I had a look to see if I could snag the part off eBay in the single quantity’s, lucky for me I found a few on there so I ordered one.

This was going to be the smallest part I have soldered to date and it was in a awkward place too. I broke out my smallest soldering iron tip and my tweezers to ade me in the surgery. I managed to pull it off but it wasn’t pretty


But it did fix my problem


So there you have it, If you to short your 5v and GND on your arduino nano you know how to fix it. Hope this will help someone out.



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