Minecraft saves/world backups IOS 7 and Android without root or jailbreak on linux/Ubuntu


If you love playing minecraft PE and are looking to move to a different platform I.E move from android to IOS or vie terser, You probable have built up a great world and dont fancy starting over. Look no further as I have the perfect guild for you.

Lets begin with the IOS side

If like me and you’re using Ubuntu or any Linux distro its easier than you think to access your files on an iPad or iPhone. All you do is unlock your device then plug the iPad (iPad 2 in my case) usb cable into the laptop, on the IOS device you will get a pop-up asking if you want to trust this computer so just tap yes. Then you will find that you have 2 partions mounted in your file manager window


One should be the name of your device in my case its ‘Family Pad’ the other should be Documents on (name of device). You need to click on the Documents mount that’s where all the files for your apps are kept. But their wont be much to look at, in my case there were 4 folders all with their icon as the folder icon which is nice, You need to show the hidden folders to show the rest so just hold down ctrl then hit the h key on your keyboard this will show you all the hidden folders. Next you will need to scroll down till you find the minecraft folder then drill down like so ‘Minecraft_folder/Documents/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds’. Then all you need to do is copy/drag the world folder you have been playing to any folder on your computer to back it up, It’s that easy


  1. Unlock IOS device
  2. Plug usb cable into IOS device and computer
  3. Tap yes to trust computer on IOS device
  4. Click documents mount in file manage on computer
  5. Show hidden files by hitting ctrl and h on keyboard
  6. Drill down to find worlds folder like so ‘Minecraft_folder/Documents/games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds’
  7. Copy world folders onto computer to back up
  8. Job done

Now onto backing up on the Android side

Now if your going from Android or just want to back up your world incase you lose your files then its even easier. Start by unlocking your android device and connecting it up to your computer with a micro USB cable. There might be a pop-up on your android table (Depending on your android version) asking you if you want to mount as a media device if you do just tap mount and it will show up on your computer.


To find your minecraft world files you will need to click on your mounted android device. You will need to drill down as follows /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/. I found that if I tried to just drag my world folder to my computer it would complain about not having the right permissions for all the files. I found that downloading a file manager ( I use es file explorer) fixed this problem by coping your worlds folders to your downloads folder on your android device then dragging them to your computer from there.


  1. Unlock android Device
  2. Connect device using micro USB cable
  3. Mount device on computer
  4. Find minecraft world files by drilling down /games/com.mojang/minecraftWorlds/
  5. Try dragging files over to computer but if that doesn’t work download file manager (es file explorer) then copy files to download folder on android device
  6. Drag files onto the computer
  7. Job done

3 responses to “Minecraft saves/world backups IOS 7 and Android without root or jailbreak on linux/Ubuntu

  1. Can you do this on mac without root access to android? Other sites are saying I can access the ds card but not the files on the actual tablet

    • Depending on the tablet but when you connect your tablet via USB cable you should get 2 drives mounted, one will be the sd card the other will be the internal storage. Just try it out. Hope that helped

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