Pumpkin – fake candle LED replacement


After getting some inspiration from Hackaday I thought I would have a go at making a LED board to replace the normal candle you put in your pumpkin. A quick Google search bought me to this Instrucables post which seams like the simplest code to get the job done. Well why not stop there so I added a push button to my breadboard and started added different modes

  • Candle mode
  • Pulse mode
  • Police flashing mode
  • Chase mode
  • Strobe mode
  • NIght rider mode
  • Off mode

Here is the layout of my breadboard. I used fritzing to do this layout, really nice piece of cross platform software


After extensive testing and realizing that using Delay() function was not the best idea I moved to using the millis() function. This allowed me to push the button and have it register while it was flashing the LED’s unlike it did with the delay() function.


What I normally do is after breadboarding my design with a full size Arduino I move it to a protoboard which I turn into a Arduino nano shield as seen in the picture above. This makes for a smaller project and it means I can swap my arduino nano between projects so not to ‘waste’ it.

Above is a quick demo of the different modes I managed to code. The code of course is available on my github. Happy Halloween

Added another video but this time with a finished case that I got from hobby craft plus I added a surface mount button to the side.

And I couldn’t leave out a quick video of what it looks like in the dark inside a pumpkin. Hope you have a great halloween

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