From Dropbox to iPhone [jailbreak]

After I found out I could run python on my iPhone I wanted an easy way to get access to all my py files without having to load them all onto my phone. I find the best way to work is to work out of a Dropbox folder so you can get at your py files from where ever you are with a internet connection. If you want to transfer your scripts from your Dropbox folder onto our iPhone, you are going to need

  • iFile [jailbreak required] just search for it in cydia and install.
  • Dropbox account.
  • Dropbox app on your iPhone.

First you need to go into your Dropbox app on your phone.

Then you will need to navigate to the py file you want to download onto your iPhone.

Tap on the py file which will open it up like this.

Next you need to tap the icon at the bottom right corner with the arrow coming out of the box. This menu will appear, now all you need to do is tap on iFile.

It will then switch to iFile where you need to tap cancel. This will show you were the py file was downloaded to which should be /private/var/mobile/Documents.

exit out of iFile and open up terminal and navigate to the py file location

Then just run the py file like you do on your desktop


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