T-shirt picker

Have you ever found yourself bored, wanting to work on a new project but couldn’t decide what to under take. well I was so I did some goggling around came across this instructables post asking for a way to make a python app that would randomly pick a t-shirt out of a predetermined list then remove that t-shirt from the list. Here is what I came up with, Ive also put my code up on Github

This is first screen of the app, This is what you see when there is nothing in the list.

The next time you run the app you will be met with this screen, I have decided to add another number to the list as you can see here.

This time I decided to get the app to do its job and pick list item for me.

If you are wondering what the remove does. well if you add a wrong number or description then you can just remover it like so. I removed the a I had added by mistake

After doing a lot of research on lists i came across a chapter of a book here that was a real help with how lists work and with lots of good examples.


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